Friday, September 12, 2008

It's probably best not to ask what led to this situation

Yes, those are two knights I stand corrected, sounds like one is a Knight and the other a Landed Baron, with pie on their faces, apparently helping one another get cleaned up. Awesome!

Photo shamelessly stolen, if you are the photographer and this displeases you we will remove it.


The LOL Scadian said...

Aaargh! I cannot unsee what I have seen! Aaargh!

So, chivalry tastes like sweaty bald guy. Who knew?

ayeshadream said...

I believe the lick-ee is actually not a Knight, but is a landed Baron. The licker, and the bystander in the back ground are also both landed Barons and also both Knights.

This was a fundraiser for the Cancer and Lymphoma society at last Autumn War and Their Excellencies were great sports about it, but I think their Ladies may have been a bit dismayed by the possible food related clothing damage. :)